Preparing your environment

If you are willing to use your own computer, using a self contained Data Science environment follow two steps (requires medium technical skills):

  1. Download Anaconda according to the characteristics of your machine and OS.
  2. Install Anaconda following the instructions according to your OS (WindowsMacOS).

Data Science Project

  • HO-1: Getting acquainted to notebooks for developing data science projects [HO-1]
  • HO-2: First step to the definition of data science projects [HO-2]

Data Science Pipelines

  • HO-3: Extracting and specifying pipelines out of data science projects [HO-3]
  • HO-4: Unsupervised learning comparing clustering methods [HO-4]
  • HO-5: Predicting diabetes [HO-5]
  • HO-6: Discovering communities [HO-6]
  • HO-7: PySpark [HO-7]