HO-2: First step to the definition of DS projects


  • Get acquainted with the implementation of data science projects specifications and extract the pipeline behind the project.
  • Have a first look to a notebooks and execution environments
  • Learn how to clone and test an existing project on Kaggle lab and notebook studio.


Energy Use in Philippines

Research questions

  • RQ1: The evolution of access to electricity in Philippines shows that it goes in the same trend that South-East Asian countries in general and it has a positive evolution with respect to these countries
  • RQ2: Which are the top countries achieving the goal of giving universal access to electricity in South-East-Asia?
  • RQ3: Fossil fuel the most used source of energy in Philippines. The country has a low mix use of alternative sources.
  • RQ4: Which is the profile of energy consumption in SEA countries with respect to Philippines?
  • RQ5: The use of alternative energy sources has lead to a smaller carbon footprint in SEA countries.

Data science strategy to address RQs

  1. What percentage of the population has access to electricty?
    • Access to electricity over time 
    • Comparison to South-East Asian (SEA) countries
  2. What constitutes my country’s energy mix?
    • Energy Mix in the Philippines 
    • Comparison to South-East Asian (SEA) countries
      • Fossil-Fuel use
      • Renewable Energy Adoption
  3. How are we consuming our energy? 
    • Electric Power Consumption over time 
    • Consumption footprint


Answer the following questions in group or alone. Create a document, list the authors of the exercise and write your answers using the results of your analysis executed in a Kaggle notebook to support your arguments.

Send your document to: genoveva.vargas@gmail.com by the end of the session. Name your document as <ho2>+<last names of the group members>

  1. Use the charts and analysis executed along the proposed data science project to answer the three research questions of the project. Support your answers using the results of the analysis performed in the data science project that you ran in Kaggle.
  2. Explain the steps implemented to compute the access to electricity of SEA over time.
  3. Explain how to compute a comparison of SEA countries with respect to their energy mix strategy.
  4. Explain the strategy for computing the consumption footprint.