Data Centric Sciences

  1. G. Vargas-solar, “Efficient data management for putting forward data centric sciences,” in Proc. 1st Int Workshop on Data Science: Methodologies and Use-Cases (DaS’17) (in press), 2017. [PDF]

Data Science Pipelines

  • G. Vargas-Solar, Enacting challenges of data science pipelines,
  • G. Vargas-Solar, Designing and enacting data science pipelines as queries,
  • G. Vargas-Solar, From Data Management Systems to Data Science Environments: State of the Art,
  • G. Vargas-Solar, Challenges and issues to deal with a brand new type of queries: data science queries,

Developing Data Engineering Skills

  • Data Engineering Cookbook,
  • Probability Distributions in Data Science,
  • Mathematics for Machine Learning,

Useful cheat sheets

  • SQL Cheat Sheet
  • Python for Data Analytics Cheat Sheets

Data science cheat sheet [PDF]