This space has been created for my participation in a panel on Gender issues in STEM  in the context of the Jornadas CONACyT-Catalunya 2016. We are three invited scientists speaking about this topic:

- Amalia Duch-Brown, Professor UPC, Spain

- Lourdes Reig, Vicepresident of International Relations, UPC, Barcelona Tech, Spain

- Genoveva Vargas-Solar, Senior Scientist, CNRS, LIG-LAFMIA, France, genoveva.vargas@imag.fr

Panel Ciencia y Género JCCC, UPC, Barcelona Spain

  • Ciencia y género, Amalia Duch-Brown [speech]
  • El género y su impacto en las ciencias, la tecnología, las ingenierías y las matemáticas, Genoveva Vargas-Solar [slides] [speech]
  • Ciencia y género, Lourdes Reig [slides]

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