Genoveva Vargas-Solar is a senior scientist of the French Council of Scientific Research (CNRS) and a member of the DataBase group of Laboratory on Informatics on Image and Information Systems (LIRIS). Until October 2020 she was a member of the Heterogeneous and Adaptive Distributed Data Management Systems (HADASof the Informatics Laboratory of Grenoble (LIG). Since 2008, she is deputy director of the French-Mexican Laboratory of Informatics and Automatic Control (LAFMIA). She is a regular member of the Mexican Academia of Computing (AMEXCOMP). She was president of the Mexican Society of Computer Science from 2007-2009.

She obtained her “Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches in 2014 from University of Grenoble-Alpes (UGA); her PhD in Computer Science in 2000 at University Joseph Fourier (UJF) and her PhD in Literature in 2015 at University Stendhal. She obtained her Master Degree in Computer Science in 1997 at University Joseph Fourier; her Master Degree in Compared Literature in 1998 at University Stendhal and her Computer Systems Engineering degree with a minor in Literature at Universidad de las Américas, Puebla (UDLAP).


Her research interests in Computer Science concern the design & construction of the next generation of data management systems guided by Service Level Agreements (SLA). She conducts fundamental and applied research for addressing these challenges on different architectures ARM, raspberry, cluster, cloud, and HPC. She has applied her results to e-Science applications in Astronomy, Biology, Social & Human sciences, industry 4.0. Her research interests in Literature concern middle age Literature, myths’ critics and myths’ analysis applied to different myths of origins.



SUMMIT (2018 – 2021) LIRIS, LIG, DataMedCare

Service Multi-clouds pour l’intégration intelligente de masse de données hétérogènes dirigée par les contrats SLA pour des environnements multi-dispositifs
Projet AAP, Pack Ambition région Rhône Alpes Auvergne
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DOING (2020), Atelier MADICS

Données Intelligentes : transformer l’information en connaissance
Co-porteuses : G. Vargas-Solar, M. Halfeld Ferrari Alves, A. Minard-Forst


>> Concluded Projects


Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Noha IBRAHIM, Optimization of services based queries, postoctoral fellow OPTIMACS.
  • Paolo BUCCIOL, Event based  multimedia streams for next generation networks, postdoctoral fellow LAFMIA.
  • Alberto PORTILLA FLORES, Data processing operators with map-reduce based programs, postdoctoral fellow LAFMIA.
  • Javier A. ESPINOSA-OVIEDO, Defining economic business models for curating, managing and brokering data in datamarket places, postdoctoral fellow LAFMIA.

PhD Students

  • Joao Batista de SOUZA NETO, Software tests applied to the processing of Big Data in parallel environments, UFRN-LIG, Brazil
  • Mehrdad FAROKHNEJAD, Defining human guided data collections exploration for modelling complex systems: supporting urban spaces design, U. Grenoble-Alpes, France
  • Senda ROMDHANI, Intelligent SLA guided trusted data integration for multi-cloud environments, U. Lyon I, LIRIS-LIG, France


  • Xiangru Jonas YUAN, Integrity Control in Federated Database Systems, U. of Zurich, Switzerland, 2003 (co-advised with Prof. Klaus Dittrich) [pdf].
  • Khalid BELHAJJAME, Defining and orchestrating open services for building distributed information systems, Grenoble INP, France, 2004 (co-advised with Prof. Christine Collet) [pdf].
  • Gennaro BRUNO, ADEMS: an adaptable and extensible mediation service: application to biological sources, Grenoble, INP, France, 2004 (co-advised with Prof. Christine Collet) [pdf].
  • Thi-Huong-Giang VU, Coordination sécurisée de services, Grenoble, INP, France, 2009 (co-advised with Prof. Christine Collet) [pdf].
  • Hanh TAN, Coordination adaptative de services à base de contrats, Grenoble, INP, France, 2009 (co-advised with Prof. Christine Collet) [pdf].
  • Alberto Portilla Flores, Reliable services coordination, Grenoble INP, France; U. de las Américas, Puebla, Mexico, 2010 (co-advised with Prof. Christine Collet, Prof. José Luis Zechinelli-Martini, and Prof. Luciano Garcia Banuelos) [pdf].
  • Victor CUEVAS-VICENTTIN, Services based query optimization, Grenoble INP, France, 2011 (co-advised with Prof. Christine Collet) [pdf].
  • Plácido Antonio de SOUZA NETO, A Methodology for Building Reliable Service-Based Applications, Universidad Federal Rio Grande do Norte, 2012, (co-advised with Prof. Martin Musicante) [pdf].
  • Javier A. ESPINOSA-OVIEDO, Contract based services coordination language, Grenoble INP, France; U. de las Américas, Puebla, Mexico, 2013.
  • Mohamad OTHMAN-ABDALLAH, Reliably mashing up data on the web, Grenoble INP, France, 2014.
  • Carlos Manuel LOPEZ-ENRIQUEZServices based query optimization, Grenoble INP, France-UDLAP, Mexico, 2015
  • Orléant EPAL, Event flows composition, U. of Grenoble, France, 2016
  • Gavin KEMP, CURARE: curating and managing big data collections on the cloud, U. Lyon I, LIRIS – LIG, France, 2018 [zip][slides]

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