Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Noha IBRAHIM, Optimization of services based queries, postoctoral fellow OPTIMACS.
  • Paolo BUCCIOL, Event based  multimedia streams for next generation networks, postdoctoral fellow LAFMIA.
  • Alberto PORTILLA FLORES, Data processing operators with map-reduce based programs, postdoctoral fellow LAFMIA.
  • Javier A. ESPINOSA-OVIEDO, Defining economic business models for curating, managing and brokering data in datamarket places, postdoctoral fellow LAFMIA.

PhD Students

  • Joao Batista de SOUZA NETO, Software tests applied to the processing of Big Data in parallel environments, UFRN-LIG, Brazil
  • Mehrdad FAROKHNEJAD, Defining human guided data collections exploration for modelling complex systems: supporting urban spaces design, U. Grenoble-Alpes, France
  • Senda ROMDHANI, Intelligent SLA guided trusted data integration for multi-cloud environments, U. Lyon I, LIRIS-LIG, France


  • Xiangru Jonas YUAN, Integrity Control in Federated Database Systems, U. of Zurich, Switzerland, 2003 (co-advised with Prof. Klaus Dittrich) [pdf].
  • Khalid BELHAJJAME, Defining and orchestrating open services for building distributed information systems, Grenoble INP, France, 2004 (co-advised with Prof. Christine Collet) [pdf].
  • Gennaro BRUNO, ADEMS: an adaptable and extensible mediation service: application to biological sources, Grenoble, INP, France, 2004 (co-advised with Prof. Christine Collet) [pdf].
  • Thi-Huong-Giang VU, Coordination sécurisée de services, Grenoble, INP, France, 2009 (co-advised with Prof. Christine Collet) [pdf].
  • Hanh TAN, Coordination adaptative de services à base de contrats, Grenoble, INP, France, 2009 (co-advised with Prof. Christine Collet) [pdf].
  • Alberto Portilla Flores, Reliable services coordination, Grenoble INP, France; U. de las Américas, Puebla, Mexico, 2010 (co-advised with Prof. Christine Collet, Prof. José Luis Zechinelli-Martini, and Prof. Luciano Garcia Banuelos) [pdf].
  • Victor CUEVAS-VICENTTIN, Services based query optimization, Grenoble INP, France, 2011 (co-advised with Prof. Christine Collet) [pdf].
  • Plácido Antonio de SOUZA NETO, A Methodology for Building Reliable Service-Based Applications, Universidad Federal Rio Grande do Norte, 2012, (co-advised with Prof. Martin Musicante) [pdf].
  • Javier A. ESPINOSA-OVIEDO, Contract based services coordination language, Grenoble INP, France; U. de las Américas, Puebla, Mexico, 2013.
  • Mohamad OTHMAN-ABDALLAH, Reliably mashing up data on the web, Grenoble INP, France, 2014.
  • Carlos Manuel LOPEZ-ENRIQUEZServices based query optimization, Grenoble INP, France-UDLAP, Mexico, 2015
  • Orléant EPAL, Event flows composition, U. of Grenoble, France, 2016
  • Gavin KEMP, CURARE: curating and managing big data collections on the cloud, U. Lyon I, LIRIS – LIG, France, 2018 [zip][slides]

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