The course is built on the idea of ​​getting students to understand the various aspects of data and services management throug a problem-solution approach. Thus, we will propose problems that might be encountered in the development and deployment of data-centric applications (with large collections of data and services) within a Cloud and we will guide students for proposing and programming solutions using specific tools.

      I.   Data, Services and Cloud Computing [pdf]

    1. Introduction on massive data, services and Cloud

    II.   Data distribution [ pdf ] [pdf]

    1. Replication and sharding
    2. Consistency issues
    3. Querying issues [pdf]

   III.   Choosing the right data store [pdf]

    1.  Polyglot Persistence
    2. NoSQL databases observation: main actors, application types

   IV.   More on Cloud

    1. Wrap up and open issues
    2. Academic and industrial perspectives