Fundamental research

Her research interests in Computer Science concern distributed and heterogeneous databases, reflexive systems and service based database systems. Her research interests in Literature concern middle age Literature, myths’ critics and myths’ analysis applied to different myths of origins. She has coordinated several research projects in Europe and Latin America financed by governments and industrial partners. She actively promotes the scientific cooperation in Computer Science between Latin America and Europe particularly between France and Mexico.

Our research contributes to the construction of service based database management systems. The objective is to design data management services guided  by Service Level Agreements (SLA). The purpose is to provide methodologies, algorithms and tools for integrating, deploying and executing a service composition for programing data management functions. Data services composition must respect quality of service criteria (e.g., security, reliability, fault tolerance, evolution and dynamic adaptability) and behaviour properties (e.g., transactional execution) adapted to applications requirements. We conduct fundamental and applied research activities for addressing these challenges.

Applied research

The results of my research are validated  in the context of grids, embedded systems and clouds. I coordinate projects concerning the optimization of queries by composing data services (ANR OPTIMACS) and by mashing up web data (e-Cloudss, Microsoft; red-Shine Grenoble INP BQR program).