Towards new DBMS architectures: HADAS discussion

Inspired by  Michael Stonebraker keynote at EPFL ( we are opening the discussion about DBMS architectures in the group HADAS.

The objective of the exercice is to work together about the topic and identify the impact of old, new and coming architectures on the research of the group and the particular projects of the members. Therefore we all prepared some weeks ago the following:

1. Everyone watched the video of M. Stonebraker keynote
2.  We red papers about new perspectives of DBMS architectures by M. Carey, M. Stonebraker, G. Weikum
3. Everyone prepared  answers to the following questions:

  • Do you really feel that we have done all wrong in our domain? Are there good points you want to support?
  • Does the evolution of DBMS architectures have an impact on my own research? How? Give concrete examples of problems and approaches to illustrate.

The following discussion in posts show in life our reactions about this topic.